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Daytime Ottawa Interior Design Trend for 2016 | sO Interiors

I was invited on Rogers Daytime Ottawa by host Jamie Rae Gomes to discuss up and coming interior design trends for 2016. It was my first time being on live T.V. and had a great time. I would like to thank husband for being such a wonderful support and helping me with the stuff behind the scene. I am excited to share this video with you and hope you like it!

Interior Design Fails

I thought I would start off the year with a light hearted article on interior design fails of past years. Did you ever wonder what would happen if you didn’t keep an eye on your contractors, designers and or catch your design mistakes before production. Here are 10 of my favourite picks. Enjoy!

1. What was the designer thinking?

Interesting shaped couch

2. Do you really need that much privacy?


3. Don’t you hate it when  designer’s only think of aesthetics!



4. Just a tiny mistake! You have to move your stove to open the drawer.

drawer and stove

5. Is there such a thing as too much pattern?


6. I wanted to place the swords where the baby could see them.


7. Problem solved! I just had to modify the fence.


8. I followed the specifications like you told me too!


9. Who didn’t check the city by laws before building!


10. Really!!!!!!!!!


5 Secrets to Getting a Luxe Bathroom For Less

We would all like to think we can afford  a stunning designer bathroom dripping with personality, but we may not always have the budget to do so. You absolutely don’t have to comprise and settle for a basic and boring bathroom when renovating.  There are many ways to shop, refurbish and remodel to give you the high end look without digging deep into your pockets. Here are 5 fundamental points that you need to keep in mind to save you money when designing your bathroom.


1. Don’t  Move

Don’t change the plumbing rough in locations. If the layout works don’t redesign it. This is the first strategy I employ when designing on a budget. The labour cost could blow a budget and unforeseen costs could arise.

By sOInteriors


2. Re-purpose

A good strategy to save money on cabinets is to salvage or re-purpose cabinets for a contemporary and transitional look. The second is to try to find standard sized cabinets from a big box store like Ikea. Check out the wall suspended Godmorgon cabinet from Ikea for a trendy European look.

By Harry Braswell     / By Emily McCall  

3. Tile Tricks

This handy tile trick is often  used to stretch a budget.  Use less expensive tile for the field tile and use accent tile to show case certain areas. This strategy works from traditional to modern bathrooms interiors.

By JK Design


4. Use standard sizes

One key item that is high on most bathroom wish lists is a custom shower.  A smart way to reduce the cost is to consider a standard size glass shower enclosure kit. You will need to do some planning but the rewards of saving is well worth the effort. If you need to strech your budget even further think about installing a shower pan instead of a tiled floor.

Supplier: Maax


5. Think outside the box

Try shopping in places that are not your typical home improvement stores. Consider looking online on a local classified site like One of my favorite places to get a deal on bathroom vanities & fixtures  is Costco , and don’t  forget  your local habitat for humanity re-store you just might find a hidden gem.

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