Canine friendly designs

I was inspired to write this article based on an image that I had come across, it was a kitchen island that had integrated doggy dishes. I thought what a fantastic idea I am always tripping over my dogs water & food dish. I thought it might be interesting to see what other people are designing for their furry friends and what extent people will go to accommodate them. I think some people may find these design solutions ridiculous and other pet owner will embrace them as must haves for their dogs ;)

Outdoor Dog Shower

This is the perfect idea for people who like to contain the mess before entering the house, or those with pets who have hate on for bath tubs.
out door dog shower

 Phil Kean Designs |  http://philkeandesigns.com/


Built In Dog Bed

Hate clutter, think about incorporating your furry friend into the design and function of your home.  A custom built dog bed tuck away in a cozy spot is a great way to reduce visual clutter and to create a fantastic chill out spot for your dog
Built in dog bed

Cook Architectural Design Studio | www.cookarchitectural.com


Luxe Custom dog kennel

This is for those who have a few extra dollars to spend a Luxe Custom dog kennel is a fantastic way to go. The idea is that your dog has a quite designated place to go from all the action of a busy home when needed. Essentially an extra bedroom for your dog.
Luxe custom kennel

 Parkyn Design | www.parkyndesign.com


Pet Fountain

A pet fountain is a great way to keep your dog hydrated outside during the warm weather. I particularly love this design as it is kid friendly as well.
Pet fountain

California Waterscapes | www.californiawaterscapes.com


Pet Food Pullout

If you have a dog this pull out drawer is the perfect solution to the age old problem of how to store the oversized bags of pet food. Keep in mind to find a bin that has a lid so that the smell can be contained.
Pet food pullout

 Madison Taylor | www.madisontaylordesign.com


Modern Dog Sofas

If you are a design buff and love modern design this is a must have item for your dog. These sofas come in a variety of colours materials and sizes.


 Le Corbusier Dog Sofa

Dog Bowls Incorporated Into Kitchen Island

Incorporating a water and food dish into the design of the kitchen island was brilliant Idea. Whether you have a cat or a dog this is a fantastic solution to the traveling dish & tripping hazard. The designer selected hard wearing materials while keeping a great design sensibility.
Dog bowls in Kitchen Island

 Intimate Living Interiors | www.intimatelivinginteriors.com